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Moving Tips 

We understand how busy some people may be and or just need some direction.  We are here to help with the complications of moving.  Here are some basic tips and ideas to ease the stress!

1. Booking & Packing:
Try to book and pack as far in advance as possible. This will help relieve stress as it gets closer to move date. 

2. Make a list:

There is so much to do when moving and it's really easy to forget things. Be sure to make a list. 

3. Furniture Prepping Tips:

We shrinkwrap and use other measures to safely secure your belongings for transport.   Remove any liquids (perfumes etc ) anything that can spill inside dressers.  Lose items as wells.  Clothes can be left inside. Nothing is mandatory but helpful.

4. Utilize wardrobe boxes:

Wardrobe boxes will keep your clothes nice and neat and they are easy to pack. 



5.  Truck loading:  When possible have boxes labeled and your odds and end (small items ) in one area of the room. Label fragile items.  This makes the move more efficient and helps load organization.  Organization is key. 


6. Truck Unloading:  In order to have a smooth unload have bedrooms labeled and or have boxes color coded.  While you figure out how your house will will be organized we'll be distributing your belongings to the correct rooms. 


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